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Because it is confidential, counselling and psychotherapy can seem a little mysterious and perhaps even a little intimidating. You may wonder what goes on behind the closed doors and whether your problem is either too big, too small or not appropriate for counselling. Be assured that many people have similar questions. Quite simply, counselling and psychotherapy offers you an opportunity to explore your concerns or questions with someone who is trained to listen attentively. This can help you deepen your awareness of yourself and your relationships and gain some insight into why things are the way they are.

Central to my approach is building a warm, trusting and honest relationship where you will feel safe and free to explore your concerns without judgement. I am an integrative therapist which means I combine several approaches and theories to help my clients. These include:

  • Psychodynamic Theory: Our past experiences and childhood relationships can shape our current behaviour. Psychodynamic therapy aims to make connections between the past and present to help you identify unhelpful patterns and make changes

  • Person Centred Theory: Allows you to freely express emotions and feelings. Helps you to see yourself as a person with the freedom and power to change

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Helps you make links between thoughts, emotions and behaviours. Practical tools can be used to change thoughts and expectations

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